Global Packing Shipping
Services we provide include:
Pick Up Service - Pick up and drop off items packed or to be packed.
Packing - Specializing in antiques, artwork and large items.
Shipping - The most cost-effective method using a choice of carriers.
Delivery Service - Have your packages delivered to our location for insured safety and easy pick up.

White-Glove Delivery - Have items delivered and placed in your home or business professionally and all packaging materials removed.
Drop-off Location - Drop off your pre-paid UPS and FedEx packages at no charge.
Fax Service - Send and receive faxes.

Shredding Services - Document shredding for business and individuals looking to prevent identity theft.
Recycle Service - Recycle your clean, reusable packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap and foam peanuts.
Gift Wrapping - Wrapping for any occasion; wrapping and storage of gifts during the holiday season.


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